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Science Adventure Lab Curriculum

Each curriculum module is designed to enrich existing classroom education, provide students with highly-relevant experiential learning opportunities, and help develop the scientific and critical thinking skills needed for today’s careers. To achieve this, the modules incorporate the principles of inquiry-based learning, components of the scientific method, and science process skills such as observation, measurement, prediction and experimentation. All of the modules were developed using the 5E Instructional Model and support the relevant Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards.

There are three components to each module:


  • - A pre-visit activity taught by the classroom teacher
  • - Hands-on experiments and activities conducted aboard the Science Adventure Lab during a visit to the school
  • - A post-visit activity taught by the classroom teacher


Seattle Children’s Science Adventure Lab is the nation’s only mobile health and science lab program directly connected to a children’s hospital. This special link gives us the ability to draw from the expertise of some of the world’s leading pediatric experts in developing our curriculum.


All curriculum topics are carefully chosen based on the potential to teach key science skills and health information, the relevance to child health and the opportunity to expose students to careers in science and healthcare.


Click here to view the In-Person Science Adventure Lab curriculum modules for grades 4-6 (60 minutes).


Science Adventure Lab Safety

We understand the rapidly evolving nature of in-person learning and have precautions in place to ensure the safety of students and staff. These safety precautions include HEPA filtration, 15 air changes per hour (a standard classroom is required to have 4-6), and fully vaccinated instructors who complete daily health screenings and wear masks while on the Science Adventure Lab. We can accommodate splitting classes in half to ensure maximum spacing of students onboard, or we can accommodate an entire class as a cohort if that is your preference.



Virtual Science Adventure Lab Curriculum

The Science Adventure Lab team is also offering virtual visits to students in Kindergarten through grade 6. Your class can join our scientists virtually in our lab at Seattle Children’s Research Institute for a live 20-minute lesson that includes a demonstration and time for questions.


Click here to view the Virtual Science Adventure Lab curriculum modules for grades K-6 (20 minutes).



General Information: All activities done onboard the Science Adventure Lab and with the Virtual Science Adventure Lab are for educational purposes only. No personal or health-related information is collected from students and no materials are retained by Seattle Children's.