Science Adventure Lab

What is the Science Adventure Lab?

With generous support from the community, Seattle Children's launched the Science Adventure Lab in 2009, creating the first mobile science lab program directly linked to a children's hospital and the first mobile lab in the Pacific Northwest.


The Science Adventure Lab is a custom-built, 45-foot, state-of-the-art mobile science lab. It is outfitted with research-grade equipment and includes space for up to 30 students. The mobile lab travels to schools across Washington state providing innovative, hands-on science curriculum to students in grades 4 to 6.


Inspiring Students and Enhancing Learning

We work closely with classroom teachers to ensure Science Adventure Lab activities integrate with existing curriculum and instruction. A visit from the mobile lab enhances student learning through fun, rigorous, inquiry-based activities based on real-world scenarios taught by Seattle Children’s scientists.


The Science Adventure Lab replicates a working lab environment, giving students the chance to use sophisticated lab tools and professional-grade research equipment. Working in groups, students use equipment such as microscopes, micropipettes, vortex mixers and centrifuges. Students isolate DNA, use gel electrophoresis and perform biochemical assays using the same techniques as Seattle Children's scientists and physicians.


Each curriculum module is field-tested by experienced teachers and designed to support the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards for Washington state, while helping to prepare students for careers in healthcare and science by developing scientific and critical thinking skills. Each module builds on students' natural curiosity to pose questions, test hypotheses and explore problems, while spurring them to develop collaborative ideas and see how science influences their daily lives.


State-of-the-Art Technical Features

The Science Adventure Lab was custom-designed with some of the most advanced technical features available for mobile vehicles, including:


  • - Fully integrated audio/visual system that includes a VCR/DVD player, digital video camera, and four 26" interior LCD monitors
  • - Student and instructor laptop computers connected to a printer, multipurpose fax/scan/print device, and a wireless Internet network through a 54G wireless access point
  • - Ability to create an interactive teaching or demonstration space using a built-in external 40" LCD screen and speakers


Other Science Adventure Lab specifications:


  • - Designed to optimally accommodate class sizes of up to 28 students
  • - Four slide-out extension rooms that increase the useable interior floor space
  • - Total gross vehicle weight: 38,000 pounds
  • - Length: 45' long
  • - Width: 8'5" wide
  • - Height: 14' tall
  • - Wheelchair-accessible