Ways to Support Us

Become a Sponsor

Do you have a passion for exposing students to authentic lab experiences and helping to inspire the next generation of leaders in science and healthcare? Are you interested in learning more about how you can support the Science Adventure Lab?


Please call Lilah Helton, the Director of Development - Major & Planned Giving, at 206-987-6812 or Lilah.Helton@seattlechildrens.org for information about how to support the program by helping to provide needed items, including:

Mobile lab supplies and materials

Support the costs of mobile lab supplies and materials that need to be re-stocked after each school visit. Examples include supplies for microscopy and reagents for DNA isolation, gel electrophoresis and enzymes for DNA fingerprinting. To keep our students safe while on board the Science Adventure Lab, we’ll need safety glasses, lab coats and gloves.

Specialized lab equipment

Support the costs of specialized lab equipment critical to create an authentic and compelling learning environment. Add your name to a permanent plaque on the technical equipment like microscopes, electrophoresis tanks, power supplies and centrifuges. Other examples include digital micropipettes, vortex mixers and heat blocks.

Sponsorship of visits/curriculum development

Offset some of the costs to enable the Science Adventure Lab to reach more children from underserved schools throughout Washington, particularly those in low-income neighborhoods. Gifts could support instructor time in aligning curriculum with classroom teachers, instruction aboard the mobile lab and certain administrative costs such as maintenance of the Science Adventure Lab. Gifts could also be directed toward curriculum development of upcoming child health topics, including genetics, oral health and infectious diseases.